Weekend at Villa Dama

Two nights overnight stay and dinner made with our organic products, € 70 per day, per person, excluding beverages. For a minimum stay of 3 nights: bed, breakfast and dinner made with our organic products at only € 65 per day, per person! Special reduction for families! To have more info: info@villadama.it or +39 75 9256130


Dance national festival

Every day in the beautiful city of Perugia, will present many stands that offer tastings, gadgets and special prices on their products, of course, all in keeping with the party! Do not miss a finger licking edition!

Villa Dama Farmhouse in Gubbio – Umbria

Villa Dama farmhouse is far few km from Gubbio, in the heart of Umbria Region, on the top of an mountain of 680 m (~ 2230 feet).  It is surrounded by fields, woods and natural paths, in a location where you may find an atmosphere and silence  completely fogotten.  Villa Dama is the ideal destination to relax with your partner, friends and family. The agritourism is a tastefully restored old farmhouse situated in the middle of an organic farm of 150 hectares at the bottom of ‘Monte Cucco’ (a mountain of ~ 5100 feet with an exquisite naturalistic area that’s a regional park since 1995). The main villa was used to be the old family countryside house where to relax in the swimming pool, catch up with friends, and spend time away from the chaos of the city life. The agritourism started in 1994 and since then many other families […]