Our animals

In our farm, we breed Chianina cattle, Cinta Senese and Large white swine, Apennine ovine and all the animals of low court, such as chickens, geese and rabbits, following the organic regulations. The meat is processed in the farm’s butchery or in the municipal slaughterhouse, then sold or offered on our restaurant’s menu.

All animals live in the open air or in specific structures, respecting the environment. During the year, we feed the animals entirely with raw organic food, from our or other organic farmhouses.

Since 2010, we are authorized as “Educational Farm” and, on request, we organize guided tours to discover the farm and our animals. If you are morning people, during your stay at Villa Dama you will have the chance to watch the hand milking of our cows or to carry out other daily activities of the farm.

During your stay at Villa dama you can watch the milking of the cows or other daily farm activities.

The livestock and the crops are certified organic by ICEA ( Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute)


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