The organic farm

Villa Dama is located within an organic farmhouse, that extends for about 180 hectares of land, covered by woods, meadows and cultivated fields.

It was born in the early nineties, springing from Chinelli family’s will to eat healthy and home-made food.

Meanwhile the farmhouse has grown, along with the desire and curiosity to experience new food processes of its owner, Mr Franco. Over the years, the desire to research and obtain high quality products has been strengthened, with deep respect for the land and traditions of the past.

Fields are cultivated favouring the crop rotation. We leave part of them to rest and we use no fertilizers, but only the manure of our animals.

The farm produces wheat, barley, spelt, broad beans, chickpeas, lentils, beans and corn, which are partly used for the organic feeding of livestock and partly used in our kitchen, to cook healthy and tasty recipes.

Our large vegetable garden, which extends for about one hectare, and our several orchards, of antique and indigenous varieties of our territory, give us products with unique flavors. They are served at the restaurant or used to produce preserves and pickles.

The livestock and the crops are certified organic by ICEA (Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute).

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