Chianina cows, cinta senese and large white pigs, Apennine sheeps and all the courtyard animals are breeded according to the organic guideline.

All meats are transformed in the butcher workshop, then can be purchased at the agritourism shop or tasted in the restaurant.

Complying with the environment, the animals live mostly outdoor and are fed exclusively with our organic raw materials. Is it possible to buy cattle and pigs of any size for fattening.

Fields are cultivated favoring crop rotation and leaving part of soil stand and fertilized exclusively with the manure produced by our animals.

The farming business produces wheat, barley, spelled, field beans, chickpeas, lentils, beans and corn, which are in part intended to livestock and partly used for the agritourism.

The large vegetable garden of about an hectare and several orchards of old varieties and native of the area, offering products with unique flavors, which end up directly on our table.

All the breeding and the crops are certified organic by ICEA.

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