Crossbow Palio 2018

A competition full of history.

The Palio della Balestra (Crossbow Palio) takes place every year on the last Sunday of May in the exceptional setting of Piazza Grande in Gubbio.

The traditional competition involes  the Balestrieri of Gubbio and those of Sansepolcro which,

worn the characteristic medieval dresses, try to hit the “tasso”,

a target placed about 36 meters away from the crossbowman.

The winner receives as a prize the “Palio”, a valuable banner made each year by a well-known artist.

Two truly unmissable moments are the spectacular exhibition of the Sbandieratori and the historical parade

that winds through the streets of the old town.

Villa Dama is only at about 10 minutes from the medieval town centre. Book now your room to experience

the contact with the past!

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