Azienda agrituristica Villa Dama

Address: Località  Torre dell’Olmo, 06024 Gubbio (PG)

Tel/Fax 075.9256130

Cell: 346.58.32.547

Cell: 320.75.21.142

Contatto Skype: agriturismo_villadama

e-mail: – Per informazioni e prenotazioni

Directions from Sigillo.
Along the motorway SS3 Flaminia, coming from Rome, drive to the village of Sigillo. At the end of Sigillo take the left junction indicating Agriturismo Villa Dama. Follow the road for about 4 km (~ 2.5 miles), and after a series of windings you will find the entrance to Villa Dama on your left.

Directions from Gubbio.
Follow the indications for Torre dei Calzolari. After the town of Spada, take the left junction towards Dondana, Torre dell’Olmo and Agriturismo Villa Dama. Follow the road, which is partially paved, and after 6 kilometres you will find the entrance to Villa Dama on your right.

Distance to main locations:
Gubbio: 10 km (~ 6 miles)
Sant’Egidio (Perugia) airport: 40 km (~ 25 miles)
Assisi: 35 km (~ 22 miles)
Perugia: 40 km (~ 25 miles)
Trasimeno Lake: 60 km (~ 37 miles)

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