A terrace facing Appennino

nature that evnvelop you, organic food and the warm hospitality of a big family

  • Appartamenti

    La Villa

    The apartments have two bedrooms and panoramic view and the rooms are coloured and bright.

  • Appartamenti

    Il Casale

    Surrounded by the orchard and the wood, this cottage has been restored in stone, and offers a stay in total relax. The rooms are spacious and welcoming, with a typical rural style, wrought iron beds and a ceiling of wooden beams.

  • Appartamenti

    La collina dei Ginepri

    This cottage, located about 1 km from the main Villa, was originally built at the highest point of Torre dell’Olmo, not far from the ruins of the medieval tower.

  • Appartamenti

    La Fattoria

    It’s the most suitable accommodation for those who want to be closer to a farm life: the rooster crows in the morning, from the balcony one can see the pigs, the grazing cows and the vegetable garden surrounded by woods and meadows inhabited by red and roe deer.

  • Appartamenti

    La Ginestra

    This residence is located in a very panoramic position, with a direct view of Monte Cucco and a spectacular view of the entire valley.

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