From our land

The organic farm where the Agriturismo is located produces flour, wine, oil, milk, cheese, meat, fruit and vegetables.

We raise Chianina cattle, Cinta Senese and Large white pigs, and Apennine sheep. We produce cured meats and cheeses without the use of preservatives and our wheat flour, white and wholemeal, is stone milled. From our olives comes extra virgin olive oil and from the grape harvest we produce red, white and barrique wine, stored in barrels. Over time, the idea of having our own winery was born.

Always mindful of respecting nature and its rhythms, thanks to PNRR funds we have installed a major photovoltaic system above the roofs of the stables, thus producing clean energy that we use for the farm and farm holiday. A charging point for electric cars is also available.

The organic farm

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