Our products

In the small shop of the farmhouse you can buy our products, cheeses and fresh meat. In case you do not have the possibility to come to the shop, from September to May we make shipments.

Everything the farm produces is also used to cook the traditional dishes that we serve in our restaurant.

Meat and cold cuts

Chianina’s meat, pork, lamb and all low court animals are genuine and organic. They are processed in the farm’s butchery, selected and vacuum-packed. Furthermore, the packages can be customized, according to individual needs, in family packages of 5, 10, 15, or 20 kg. Our cold cuts, strictly gluten-free, are produced and seasoned in the company’s laboratory. The farm’s pork-butchery products are available all year long: salami, dried sausages, ham, capocollo, loin, bacon, pork jawl, seasoned lard, etc.

Preserves and Cheeses

We process the vegetables from our garden to make delicious pickled or sweet-sour vegetables, the organic fruit of our orchards for our natural jams that are delicious at breakfast or to cook exquisite homemade desserts. They are all preservatives-free and gluten-free, suitable for people with celiac disease. With our milk, we also produce soft cheeses, such as ‘primo sale’ and ricotta, but also hard cheeses such as caciotta and pecorino, that are excellent in combination with our honey and our jams.

EVO oil

Every year, from November to December there is the olive harvest. We like to share this moment with the guests who come to Villa Dama in this period: they can have the chance to pick the olives and taste the freshly squeezed oil next to the fireplace. The oil is then bottled and sold directly in our small shop.

The cellar

In the harvest, the best grapes are selected and squeezed in the farm’s cellar. We process the wine in the traditional way: it is left to ferment in specific steel vats and then aged in barrels. The wine is served to our guests at the restaurant and can be bought directly in our small shop.

Request availability for your stay

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